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I am Not an Activist

by on Jun.24, 2013, under Lifestyle, Relationships

I just had a wonderful weekend with some good friends camping in celebration of my upcoming birthday. On the way home and before heading to the airport on one of my usual trips out of town I realized that I am not an activist; though I never claimed to be. I am not someone who makes personal changes in my life for the sake of change. Instead I make changes in my life based on issues and causes that directly or indirectly affect me.

For direct issues and causes that seems pretty simple to me. If there is an issue or a cause that directly effects me I will ether make a change in my own life or promote socialite changes to support it. A good example of this is my posting and commenting about Shibaricon. I had a lot of issues around a 2013 instructor that was allowed to teach. I joined in the requests of understanding and change. This is because I love Shibaricon but for a number of reasons I can not support a conference that does not adequately protect its attendees from someone that has multiple serious consent violation accusations.

On the other hand indirect changes are a little more tricky. For the people that I love in my life I can help rally around their causes. For example women’s equality is not an issue or a cause that directly effects me. Being a white male with an amount of privilege those issues are just not something that enters into my life directly. However, for two close friends of mine it is a very important issue and cause. So this makes me want to help create change where I can. Supporting conversations, political change, social change, and changing how I interact with the world around these issues.

On the flip side of this issues and causes that do not enter into my life directly or indirectly I have no drive to rally behind. It does not mean that I don’t care it just means that I have no desire to be a part of the change in society or personally. A good example of this is illegal immigration for it does not effect myself and those close to me. I do not have to worry in my career that I or my close friends will be displaced in our respective jobs by a cheaper illegal immigrate labor. I also do not feel that the crime we are likely to run into changes based on the number of illegal immigrants. That is not to say that when presented a choice that I will not do some research. But I typically will not make a change like purposefully buying produce from framers that pay a living wage and do everything that they can to hire legal works. But I might come election time support a candidate or a bill that improves converting illegal immigrants to legal ones, improved guest worker programs, making status identification easier for employers, and deporting undesirable people back to their home country.

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