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Efest West 2009

by on Aug.23, 2009, under Boot Blacking, Conference, Efest West, Fire Play, Needle Play, OTK, Play Type

Wow what a weekend!!! I have never had so much fun and not so much fun in a single weekend event. I will not bore all of you with my personal drama throughout the weekend and just give you the highlights. I also want to mention that MissDVour and BossBondage were some of the best guests I have had in my home in awhile. I think it might have something to do with all the money I spent at his booth throughout the weekend.

Day 1 – Thursday Night

Thursday night started the event well, we had a reception at Renegades during our normal Edges wet munch. There were quite a few people that were there for EFest West besides our normal members. It was great to get a chance to sit around, drink, and mingle with people from out of state attending the event.

Day 2 – Friday

 I unofficially took the day off from my normal job to help with getting ready for EFest West. Picked up Miss Ali from her home and then headed over to the space. We started moving equipment around, putting out tables for the vendors, and just in general get things setup. We headed over to Costco and loaded up on soda and water, and I mean LOADED up. Luckily by the time we got back there were people at the space to help unload it all for me.

The event started right around 5pm and people started filtering in. Naughty Doc and Naughty Nurse hosted an opening ceremony around 6PM that welcomed everyone to the event as well as introduced a lot of the staff. After the opening ceremony they did their infamous “Intro to Erotic Enema Play” class. I have to say I never get bored sitting in on this class no matter how many times I have seen it. I always learn something new in the class. Both of them are wonderful instructors and never fail to entertain. If you have never been to their class I would highly recommend it, even if you are not all that “into” enemas, just the shear entertainment value is worth it.

After the class it was time for the evening play sampler & party. I have never seen so many people playing on a Friday night in a long time. There were people playing, fucking, and playing while fucking everywhere. I personally didn’t have any plans for tonight or for the rest of the weekend for that matter. I just loved seeing the playspace full and so many people playing and having a good time.

Miss Ali and I were chatting about what we were going to do for the evening. She told me that she was going to have Boy Kyle do her boots that evening but it fell through. We chatted a bit more and she came up with a wonderful idea to top her while doing her boots. I thought about it, I had gone to a class about it with her and I had also got this great brand new rope from Bossbondage and I thought what the hell!!! So we headed out to the playspace and I put her up in the chair, handed her foggy and piece of rope. She was kind of in a weird space as she was tied to the chair as well as tying up foggy. I got to work on her disgusting boots and brought some new life to them with lots of love, saddle soap, and shoe grease. While I was doing her boots she asked me for some needles and I gave them to her. She sticks both foggy and herself with needles while I finished up her boots. After I finished up her boots she pulled the needles out of her inner thighs and I noticed the blood and I just had to suck on those open wounds.

While I don’t exactly “top” her and I did get those boots nice and clean. Poorly maintained boots hurt my eyes and I was happy to see them come back to life. Next time we will work on topping more, I just do not believe ether of us were really in the headspace for that after such a long opening day for EFest.

Day 3 – Saturday

The fun never ends with being the Playspace Repair Daddy. I don’t know what it is with one of the bathroom doors but it always seems to come off the track. The other door never has been a problem. I had planned on getting packed for my trip after EFest West but I ended up heading to the space early to fix the door.

I just kind of wondered around the space getting things ready for the day while some of the classes were going on. After lunch was a class on age play by Bethie Bee. This is another class I would highly recommend, she is highly entertaining, energetic, and knows her shit! I did not really get to sit down in the class, but it was packed full and that made me happy. Since I have always liked age play and in the last few years I have fallen in love it with and with my darling little girl Booboo, her brother Adam, and the more recent older one Amy (all Miss Ali btw, I am sure I will be giving her multiple personality disorder one day).

Nearing the end of Bethie Bee’s class I started setting up for my needle play class. I want to give a big thank you to for the loan of the medical table as well as a crash cart to use during the class. Bethie Bee also happened to be the stunt bottom in this class; I was excited and worried for two reasons. The first reason was because we had never played together before and I have never used someone as a stunt bottom that I had not played with. So I was both excited and worried about how it would go. I am sure the comment “if I pass out just keep going and stick a hook in me to wake me up” might have added to my anxiety just a little. But I was excited to do needles on her in general, so it was all good. The second reason I was worried and excited was because she also told me up front that she will most likely drop down into little space. Little girls always make me happy and I was worried because I have not had a lot of successes with doing mean things like needles to someone in that space. All in all it turned out wonderful, we had a good time, and it was a great class. To quote Bethie Bee “Ouch ouch ouch…I WAS BRAVE!!!” and that brave girl got some really good chocolate milk after the class.



Funny enough the class went so well that I got a play date out of it with this great girl Slutbiscuit. She approached me for play and we chatted for a bit. She told me that she was really into OTK and had done needles once. We talked about her experience with needles and was told that she was only able to get up to three needles the one time she had done it. After seeing my class she was willing to try it again. I told her up front that when we got to the needle part she was to tell me when she could take no more. I also told her to keep in mind that I will be doing one more needle once we have reached that point. I started it off giving her a nice long spanking. It’s funny how you can tell how dominant someone is with their strong hand by the balance of the bruises when you spank someone OTK. She ended up with a mild bruise on the right cheek and a huge bruise on the left cheek. After that spanking we moved to the needles. I started off with a button out of some small needles and then moved to doing a star with small and big ones. Between pushing on the buttons and twisting some of the other needles I got her up to about 16 needles. After about 45 minutes of being tortured she told me that she did not think she could take anymore. I said ok, we will take out all of the needles and have a short break. After we took our break I pulled out a suture and handed her my bead case; telling her to choose one. I then ended the scene by suturing a bead on her chest as a keepsake.

We hung out and cuddled for a bit before I had to get to work on clean up. What a day, I had so much fun and crashed hard once I got home.

Day 4 – Sunday

This was by far the most packed day for me. It started off with having to do four loads of laundry and packing for a three week trip. I got over to the space at about noon and started the last day at EFest. Miss Ali and I had talked a few days before about mixing up the fire play class I was doing that day. The big change to it was to do the demo while teaching the class. This changed happened to work out well and helped shorten the class. When Miss Ali and I do fire play outside of the classroom it happens to be of a very sexual nature. Well shit fucking and doing fire is pretty exciting. So we wanted to bring that to the class, show people that it does not have to be very static and that when you have gained experience it can be very dynamic. So the class went off without a hitch.


After the class Miss Ali and I wanted to spend some time together since I am leaving town for three weeks and she will be off on a trip when I get back. During the weekend she had mentioned to me that she would like to get her nose repierced so I had purchased some piercing needles and jewelry (well she bought the jewelry and for some reason we kept losing it and had to rebuy it two more times). Miss Ali and I disappeared into the medical play room with Chrysty and proceeded to repierce her nose. I was very nervous about doing the piercing; I have done plenty of temporary piercing but never anything permanent. I had talked with BossBondage about how to do it and got some pointers. In the end it all went well, she had a new piece of jewelry in her nose, I got to do my first permanent piercing, and we both got a memory to last us while we were both out of town.

Ali Nose 1.1

But for us that was not good enough. So I started digging through all the permanent piercing supplies I bought this weekend to see what I had. Chrysty suggested that I put a barbell in the back of Miss Ali’s neck. I have to be honest I was not convinced that it was a good idea at first. The first thing that went through both mine and Miss Ali’s head was is that safe, I mean it is the neck and near the spinal cord. Once we got past and believed it was safe the next thing that went through my head was her tattoo on the back of her neck. The tattoo is of a cute little panda bear that I know means a lot to her and I did not want to do anything to damage it. I decided to make it look like the panda was holding the barbell, which meant that the entry and exit of the needle would be on both sides of the paw. Again I was nervous about doing the piercing, but I had one less than ten minutes before that had gone well. In the end the piercing went well, we took the time spent to the next level, she had a piercing she loved because it was something different that not many people have, and I am always happy when my little girl is happy.


Well that is all I have to say about this weekend. It was an amazing weekend that I very much enjoyed.

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