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Flesh Hook Suspension

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So for sometime I have been fascinated with flesh hook suspensions.  For those that know me I love to push a physical boundary of those that I play with and this is the next evolution of that to me.  I have for sometime wanted to suspend people by hooks, but it is not something I have really explored.  Over the years I had participated in two hook pulls in which I have small hooks (12GA) placed in my chest and pulled against other people and objects.

Fast forward to a couple months ago I was at an event called Paradise near Seattle, WA.  On the second to the last day of the event they did a hook pull event that also included some flesh hook suspensions.  I watched with fascination and said to myself I want to do that.  I didn’t have the courage right then and there to find out if I could in fact do it.  I thought about it and talked with people about my desire.  One night I was at a friends art show opening and we got to talk about her experiences with flesh hooks and by the end on that conversation we had a date tentatively set with the person who has done the majority of her suspensions.  I remember walking away from that conversation thinking “what the fuck did I just get myself into”.

Well yesterday I did it!

I got up yesterday morning and a partner and I headed for Fairfield, CA to the piercers home.  She was nervously excited about the experience (I will leave it to her to tell her story here is she like) and I was completely calm and somewhat ambivalent about the experience.  Sure I had talked it up with my friends, but I believe that was less about excitement and more about making myself commit.  When we arrived the friend I was talking with and another friend (her partner) were there already, as well as a few other people who I didn’t know.  There was one person going up besides my friend and my partner.

During the piercer’s preparations someone asked me why am I doing this.  The truth was I had no good reason.  I had a draw to it that I didn’t understand.  I had a thought that if I went through with it, it meant I was a Bad Ass (which I am but didn’t need this).  I wanted to understand the experience because I want to do this to people.  I don’t consider myself a masochist nor and extreme sports kind of person.  I really am not that big on pain.

So the first person to go up was a girl that I didn’t know.  She was showing off the scars on her back from her countless suspensions.  She was getting two 6GA Gilson Hooks put in her back for a suicide style suspension.  I watched as she lay down on the table to get her hooks put in.  I remember watching the piercer pushing the 6GA needles through her scared skin with tremendous force and she barely moved or made a sound.  I though fuck that is Fucking Bad Ass!  I was only getting 8GA hooks I thought.  She went up with ease and made it look like it was nothing.

After she was done I stepped up and went next.  The four hooks and 8GA needles on the table.  This was the first time I really thought I don’t know if I can do this.  But I was committed and I would not back out until I hit an actual threshold I couldn’t deal with.  The piercer started by pinching my skin trying to figure out the best placement for the hooks.  He asked me about my tattoos in reference to the looks.  I thought that them for a second and said I want this to be the best experience it can be and that if the hooks had to go through them so be it.  I really didn’t want the hooks to go through them, but I didn’t want them to alter my experience.  Once he finished marking the placement he told me to lay down.  I thought fuck here we go!

The first hook pierced my skin and all I can say is it fucking hurt like a bitch and I wasn’t sure I could do three more.  I was now sweating like a pig and in agony.  Well I went through it three more times and it never felt any better, but I got all four of them in.  The below image is of all four hooks in.  I love the placement of the hook through my bear tattoo; it looks like he is hooked onto my back.


So what’s next?  Well its time to go up!  I am standing under the rig and the piercer starts attaching me and I am thinking fuck this is it.  He starts putting tension on the rigging and I feel pulling on my skin.  I start thinking that fuck this burns as I feel the hooks pulling and sliding to their natural position.  I have control over how fast the tension increases and soon I am on my tippy toes and my calves are burning.  I tell him I am not sure I can do this and what does he tell me “I have never had anyone not get off the ground and I don’t plan on breaking that record”.  I knew that if I really wanted to be down he would do it; but he now through down the gauntlet and in a way make me invested in him.  He has helped walk me through this process and generally a nice guy and who was I to break his record because I didn’t go through my commitment to myself.  So I just endured and relaxed and processed the pain as best as I could.  I was about ready to get off the ground and a song from my playlist came on.  A song I would not have chosen to hear at that moment (did not build the playlist for this experience); that song was Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me”.  If the pain from the hooks was not enough all the emotional pain I have been dealing with over the last 6+ months came flooding in.  I was on the verge of an outright break down.  He told me that he could see the tension on my face and that I need to relax.  At the moment all I wanted to do was cry like a fucking baby.  I pushed all that emotion away and told myself to fucking man up and do this.

It was not long after that I was off the ground.  My first thought was FUCK I DID IT!


I don’t know how long I was off the ground.  I think it was for only like 30 seconds before I felt like I was going to hurl right then and there.  He brought me back down but left the tension in case I wanted to go back up.  I thought about it but the feeling of throwing up was not going away.  In hindsight I should have just made myself puke and gone back up.  He detached me from the rig and I had never felt so heavy that I almost fell to the ground.  The weight of my own body returning to me.  I lay back down on the table and had the hooks removed.  They came out much easier then they went in.  I love how the bear looks like it committed suicide by blowing its brains out from under his neck through his head!


So now it is the next day.  This has to have been the most painful experience I have volunteered for.  Do I regret it?  FUCK NO, it was awesome and glad I went through with it.  Would I do it again?  I have no idea.  If I could skip the inserting of the hooks I would do it in a split second!

I do want to say the piercer played a huge role in my success.  If it had not been for him I would have never made it up.  Thank you so much!


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  • Matte

    It was my pleasure to help you on your journey. I do hope you try it again, it does get easier each time. As far as the hook pain, well, I guess you just get used to it.


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