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Dark Odyssey Surrender 2013

by on Nov.22, 2013, under Conference, Surrender

Well this is wrapping up my explosion of kinky con’s this year.  Let’s see I went to the first SF GrUE (organizer), Shibaricon, KinkFest, Paradise, Leather Reign, and Surrender.  For some people that is not a lot of events, but for me I only typically do one or two in a given year.  I will get into why that is in a following post about my year in review.

This was the second year for Surrender and it was my second one.  This is the only Dark Odyssey event I have ever been to but I have been watching their East Coast events from afar.  I was really excited that they decided to created a West Coast event; as I was tired of the three national events we already have.

There is nothing wrong with the other events we have.  International Ms. Leather is a really good event.  I was involved in the event for three years and still am very fond of it.  That being said while it was a diverse event it is women focused and being I am not female identified or formally identified I have always felt a little out of place being a cis-male; but I was never made to feel like I was unwelcome.  Northwest Leather Celebration is a M/s focused event, which does not hold my current interest.  Last but not least we have Folsom Fringe, which is also not a bad event but tends to be hetronormitive.

Now Surrender on the other hand like all of DO’s other events is very queer friendly.  I love the diversity of people that are in attendance.  Surrender really has no central theme to it; it’s not a national contest or a relationship focused event.  For the most part it is all about education and kickass play!

The Good

This year has been an explosion of growth or in the very least of whoring myself out.  I have always been a very shy introvert around people that I don’t know.  I can spend an entire event working up the courage to ask someone if they are interested in playing and and then fail to ask by the end of the event.  Throw on top of that my fear of rejection and well…

Anyways so this year I have had a constant push to get through all of that crap (which is some part is why the explosion of con’s this year).  Typically I will spend 20-50% of my free time at a con in my hotel room, hiding from the world at large.  This year at Surrender the only time I was in my room was to sleep or to put something in there.  I spent the entire time socializing, attending some classes, shopping in the vendor area, and and and FUCKING PLAYING.

Now it is rare these days that I don’t have at least one play date during a conference.  I will take the safe route and ask a couple friends who I know are going or using the cursing threads before a conference.  This year was no different; however this year I also got asked to do fire with one person and I asked another if they would be interested in doing some rope.  So counting the two play dates I made ahead of time I also had two others.  Now that is something that does not happen for me.  It was awesome.  In addition I made some new friends locally as well as in DC.

The Bad

Well it looks like DO made a poor entertainment choice this year.  Parts of it were not very queer friendly including the opening line for the MC.  I will not get into it, as all you have to do is ready around it in the DO FetLife group.

The Ugly

While this happened at the event I was not witness to it and didn’t even know it happened until after the con.  It appears that someone that I know non-consensually punched someone.  Not with the intent typically associated with assault and battery; but without consent and pretty hard in what some might be considered a dangerous location.

Well I think that is all I have to say about it.  I know I didn’t talk about the education that is because I found it lackluster and more or less choosing most my classes based on of all the classes that I didn’t care about was the most interesting.  I did not attend any of the nightly entertainment.  I did purposely avoid the little’s contest this year.  I am still pissed about the judging from last years.

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